Free Microsoft Points Codes

Do you own an Xbox live gold membership account like me? Are you like me, someone who craves for free Microsoft points codes and live subscription free? Well, too bad, because there is no such thing!

  • Wait, but why are there so many videos and websites or so many articles about free Microsoft points and live subscriptions? A simple answer: the authors of those videos and articles wish to be jerks and make your lives miserable.
  • I am going to prove you why you should not believe in those websites and generators giving you free Microsoft points and subscriptions! Let us begin:

Websites that give away Free Microsoft Points Codes

Are nothing more but Phishing Sites

By now, you should have seen hundreds of videos on YouTube or wherever, or found websites in Google searches that promise free Microsoft points codes but you are cautious about whether they are real or not. The big question you ask yourself is "Will my account get stolen if I give my data (name and password) to different sites?" Answer: Yes! Let us take a look at a couple of websites.

  • Some are not designed that well, but hey; things are made simple and easy today!
  • Many other websites looks really legit, right? Wrong! Look at the URL and compare it to the real

Think about it for a second, are you going to just give your email and password to your Xbox live account and then receive that code for free Microsoft points in your email? Answer: Do Not! Once you put your real info and click send, on the other side a person will probably get an email or some way of receiving that info you just sent.

If you just sent your info:

  • Congratulations, someone you will never meet in real life is now in possession of your live account info.
  • Instead of sending you free Microsoft points, the next step that jerks will take is using the info you sent them; they will sign up in your real account and change your password leaving you clueless as to what happened because you can no longer sign into your account.
  • You, my friend, have been robbed.

Websites are a way of someone stealing your account info because your naiveté for free Microsoft points. Remember the simple things in life are free; $20 is not something you find free every day.

Free Microsoft Points Code Generators:

Are Fakes or Viruses

Now let us look into code generators. They look legit in many videos, don't they? Of course, because anyone can create something that looks like a generator using a program called "Microsoft Visual Basic". I mean, you can create such a fake thing in five minutes.

  • All those people really do is show you a finished "generator look alike". In the description, they usually provide a link to download the "generator".
  • Chances are that you clicked on the download link usually on rapidshare, megaupload or some file hosting sites of the like and you clicked download and opened it afterwards.
  • In 99.99% of the cases after opening that "generator" you downloaded, you get a Trojan. Yay, your computer is now infected!
  • With the 00.01% chance that a generator is downloaded, after installing it you get just random codes, "free Microsoft points" that won't work or have been used by the creator.

"My Dad works at Microsoft"

"He will give me Free Codes"

Everyone that says: "OH, my dad/mom/relative/friend works at Microsoft so I get a lot of free Microsoft points." Obviously are snotty and not good at lying. If you believe that, then you believe "Martin Luther King was white". Good advise don't believe those that say that they have connections to Microsoft or else it seems like over 90% of people you meet online work at Microsoft.


  • There is no such thing as free Microsoft points or generators or live subscription. Save yourself from losing your account to an idiot that has nothing better to do but cause you frustration and pain.
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