Free PayPal Money

free PayPal money

If you are looking for a way to make some free PayPal money, search no further, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you how you can make some extra PayPal money without investment, special knowledge or skills by completing free offers and surveys at

On the left, you can see a statistics picture from my Points2shp account. I am member of this website since 2009 and I use it whenever I have some free time:

  • I earned almost $6000 in total.
  • In my best months, I made around $180, in my worst, $40-$50. It is free PayPal money, money earned without investment.

Free PayPal money from Points2shop

Points2shop pays for completing offers and surveys. You are probably thinking, what makes this website different from all the other GPT ("Get Paid To") sites out there? The difference is that:

  • this website is faster,
  • it has many offers and surveys (especially for UK, US and CA) and these have a relative high value.
  • it pays an incredible price per referral (up to: $1.00-$1.50)

If usual GPT's are websites founded by a single person who is Administrator, moderator and coder at the same time, Points2shop is different. If you choose to visit it, look please at "Our Team" page.  You will see that Points2shop’s Team has more than 20 persons: Administrators (which are co-owners too), moderators, programmers and other staff that replies Support Tickets or handles the offers. The website is huge; it takes a little time to get familiar with or to read it all. The script is awesome, probably the best one I have ever seen. The site is definitely not a scam.

Free PayPal money, sent within 24 hours

Points2shop works for all countries supported by PayPal. If you have a PayPal or a Payza account then you are ready to use this website.

  • It pays within 24 hours on business days, if you are a new member or instant if you have a Gold or higher membership. What is amazing is that for a Gold membership you do not have to invest money, all you have to do is to meet some free requirements (number of offers of surveys done, to be member for more than 3 months etc.)
  • Payments are made via PayPal, Payza, E-Gold and Liberty Reserve with a minimum of $1.00. They can pay also by check ($5.00 minimum payout). You can see my Payment Proofs here (click the picture).

How Points2shop works? Is it legal?

Advertisers post offers at -> You complete these offers ->The advertisers pay Points2shop. ->Points2shop pays you and keeps a commission. It is 100% legit and legal.

Payment proofs

If you look at my Payment Proofs page, you will see that I have over 100 payments, free PayPal money.

Getting started with Points2shop

Give them a good email (yahoo, gmail or hotmail). This is where you will receive the confirmation for your free PayPal money send or for your mailed checks. The site does not spam. Confirm your email.

  • Complete your profile. They ask a lot of personal information like name, address, telephone, gender, date of birth. You need to give them real data; they ask this because they are working with money. Read please, their TOS.
  • Set your preferences to cash. Visit please, the Profile Preference page. Points2shop can pay with a currency called “points” or with cash. You can choose points (100 points= $1.00) if you want to buy different things from Cash can be converted to points, points to cash, cannot. Sign up Here!

On a scale of 1 to 10, the best ways to make free PayPal money are:

Nr. Type Place Time Cash
1. Daily Surveys 10/10 5~30 minutes $0.50-$1.00
2. Referrals 09/10 unknown $0.50+
3. Daily Clicks 08/10 10 seconds $0.01
4. Games 06/10 unknown $0.08-$0.60
5. Offers 03/10 ~15 minutes $0.15~$1.00
  • If you complete offers or surveys, you need a spam email account (or more than one).

If you have more than $1.00, you can withdraw via PayPal, Payza, E-Gold or Liberty Reserve. Fill in your PayPal email and click withdraw button. Within 24 hours (on business days), you will be paid. If you have more than $5.00, you can request a check.


  • The website is free; you have nothing to lose if you try it.
  • On Questions page, you will find some useful info about Points2shop and about referrals. There is also a referral guide on this website: How to get referrals.

Thank you for reading this!